Reverend Tommy Koffin Signature Guitar

Big thanks to Reverend Guitars for making this possible!

(see the factory specs on the Tommy Koffin Signature, on Reverend’s website)

in ‘Silver Sparkle’, w/case
list price $1534
To be given away at the show Sunday afternoon

Reverend Tommy Koffin Signature Guitar

“After playing more than 2000 shows in 12 years, worldwide, mostly living out of a band van and random hotel rooms, and living on junk food, caffeine, and beer, Tommy Koffin needed a guitar that he could take anywhere. We loaded Railhammer Chisels into a Kingbolt body, put a Wilkinson trem on it, and painted it with cool sparkle colors to catch the stage lights. He signed it with “Tommy Koffin *666*,” and he’s ready for another 2000 shows.”

(from Reverend’s description)