FENDER Standard Stratocaster

To be given away at this year’s show, courtesy of:

huber Breese music logo

Longtime local music store Huber Breese Music will be giving away a Fender Standard Stratocaster at the show. We should add that if you’re the lucky winner of this guitar, the people at Huber Breese can also teach you how to play it (lessons), fix it when you break it (repairs), and install all your upgrades & crazy-idea mods (there are literally thousands of aftermarket parts for this guitar).

After 47 years in business, they’ll probably still be around when your granddaughter starts asking uncomfortable questions about inheriting this sweet Strat.

Big thanks to Huber Breese Music for making this possible!
(and congratulations on the anniversary!)

Fender Standard Stratocaster, list price $699
To be given away at the show, courtesy of Huber Breese Music