Thanks to Everyone Involved…

2019 MGS show floor
The interior of the Emerald Theatre as the first customers start to look around on Saturday morning,
Photo by Robert Bruce /

Gordy’s Music would like to thank EVERYONE: Our fellow sponsors, the clinicians and performers, the dealers & cable makers & artists, the restoration & parts people, and the photographers & videographers & radio folks.

A shout-out to our crew, too, who all worked hard right through the weekend, but still had the strength to catch the Laura Mendoza/Dylan Dunbar afterglow show Sunday evening at the Three Blind Mice. (which was great, in case you missed it.)

A special thanks to ALL OF YOU who participated in this last weekend’s Guitar Show in Mt Clemens.

Together WE had the BEST Guitar Show in DECADES (since the 1990’s Michigan State Fairgrounds shows)

Marcia & I cannot thank you all enough in making our 30th ANNIVERSARY GUITAR SHOW the most FANTASTIC PARTY we have EVER had!!!!  

Stay tuned and we look forward to our next ADVENTURE next year!!